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Migrating your application from Django 1.2 to 1.6

Django 1.6 is out as of 6th November 2013 and I've managed to earn myself enough spare time to have a look.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

Why upgrade? Here's my two big reasons:

  1. Security. There have been 25 security releases issued since I first built this site back in October 2011
  2. I'm probably going to have to start upgrading our applications sometime soon so I thought I'd bite the bullet early on with a smaller project

Doing things in a Pythonic way pays off :) If I may I'll urge you to seek out the conventions and best practices. just-digital.net (codenamed jdblog) implements about 5 model classes and 5 views. It also has several context processors (for tweets and forms) and a middleware class for breadcrumbs. I managed to migrate the entire application without rewriting a single bit of code (not including settings.py)

The biggest issue was obviously the new project layout. I figured it would be faster and cleaner to start a new project using $ django-admin.py startproject - then copy-paste the apps, and adjust the settings.py accordingly. Doing it that way only cost me 2 hours.

Deprecated discountenance (all since 1.2)

  • mod_python support
  • Function-based generic views (django.views.generic.create_update, django.views.generic.date_based, django.views.generic.list_detail, django.views.generic.simple)
  • Test client response template attribute
  • DjangoTestRunner
  • Changes to url and ssi
  • Changes to the login methods of the admin
  • reset and sqlreset management commands
  • GeoDjango
  • CZBirthNumberField.clean
  • CompatCookie
  • Loading of project-level translations
  • PermWrapper moved to django.contrib.auth.context_processors
  • Removal of XMLField
  • Old styles of calling cache_page decorator
  • Support for PostgreSQL versions older than 8.2
  • Request exceptions are now always logged
  • django.conf.urls.defaults
  • django.contrib.databrowse
  • django.core.management.setup_environ
  • django.core.management.execute_manager
  • is_safe and needs_autoescape attributes of template filters
  • Wildcard expansion of application names in INSTALLED_APPS
  • HttpRequest.raw_post_data renamed to HttpRequest.body
  • django.contrib.sitemaps bug fix with potential performance implications
  • Versions of Python-Markdown earlier than 2.1
  • django.contrib.localflavor
  • django.contrib.markup
  • Streaming behavior of HttpResponse
  • django.utils.simplejson
  • django.utils.encoding.StrAndUnicode
  • django.utils.itercompat.product
  • cleanup management command
  • daily_cleanup.py script
  • depth keyword argument in select_related

For more information about version see release notes at 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6

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