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Django developer Auckland

Developing on Django in Auckland, like a boss!  

I choose Django because I've fallen deeply in love with Python.  Django, was an easy choice because it makes web development so damn sexy.  I also fully endorse and encourage with Django philosophies

To add a bit of background;  I've been coding for over 10 years.  I was born and raised in South Africa and spent time in the UK.  I'm now living in Auckland, New Zealand together with my gorgeous wife and wee fella.

I do all sorts of coding, Django, Python, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML.  I practise coding standards and semantics. I love little gadgets and mind blowing ideas. 

I work full time at Yellow Pages Group in New Zealand but I am always available for some freelance jobs. How can I help with your project?

Django, python, through Vim.

The gist of it

The project idea came up today with the potential use for a "Business name" to domain name matcher.  So I put together a quick-and-dirty Python script to do just that:

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    I'm a friendly local developer in New Zealand turning coffee into code and talking about it all here.
    - Kevin

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